Creating innovative youth initiatives together!

New Patterns is a UK based organisation that creates, supports and delivers innovative initiatives to help young people’s transition toward adulthood, careers and independence.

About Us

Our approach is shaped by over 15 years extensive experience of youth enterprise, participation, employability and community engagement work supporting young people and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds across London and the West Midlands.

We work with businesses, charities and specialist agencies on programmes in the areas of youth and community engagement, skills development and employment. Focused on the people at the centre of change; exceptional staff and talented young people.

Our Story

Having gained experience at all levels working for local and national charities, social enterprises and public sector organisations in the youth and community sector, Philip Mills created New Patterns. As an experienced development and programme manager, Philip has co-designed and delivered a wide range of targeted programmes and services to support diverse young people and adults achieve positive outcomes in their lives, and community.

New Patterns was created to address the negative impact of the Covid-crisis on young people's career prospects, aspirations and mental health, especially for those who already face unique challenges. Through our consulting services we bring together decision-makers, professionals and young people who have diverse experiences and expertise. We do this to inform and influence strategies, systems and practice. We strive to change the narrative on youth unemployment; this drives everything we do. Our goal is to have a lasting positive impact on individual lives, communities and industries.


We are committed agents of change in the youth and employability sector, in business culture and in communities. We provide consulting and capacity building services in the areas described below. Working together with every prospective client to tailor a scope of work that addresses their specific needs. We combine the passion, expertise and experience of a network of skilled practitioners and associates to help propel companies forward.